Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forms of Route Accounting (from wiki)

Forms of Route Accounting

Call accounting capabilities can be acquired in several forms.
Fully Integrated System
  • Route Accounting can be in the form of a fully integrated system from a single vendor. This means that the programming running on the mobile computer, the settlement system, and the back office accounting system probably share a similar development path. Further there should be some consistency in the way the system operates. For example, reprinting of an invoice in the office should match what was printed in the field.
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Add On Point of sale or Mobile Sales System
  • A business system can become a route accounting system with the addition of a mobile sales system. The portion of the system operating as a mobile sales system is much like a point of sale system, but able to act as a remote sales system for the office accounting system. In this mode transactions created on the mobile side may or may not integrate fully. As well, other issues can arise. For example, price rules, products, and customer information may need to be created in separate locations.
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  • Route accounting software functionality can be accessed as an online software service. Software services are typically hosted by the software vendor themselves. SaaS providers often include optional levels of systems monitoring, management, and analysis services atop the route accounting software itself. SaaS solutions (also sometimes called managed service solutions or application service provider (ASP) solutions) generally provide greater operational simplicity while actually providing more software capability and greater return on investment. Like the hosted enterprise route accounting solutions, managed service providers eliminate distributed route accounting systems and with them the related management and attention required to keep multiple distributed systems operating, refreshed, and current. Like enterprise call accounting software above, SaaS is easily justified if you compare it to the total lifecycle cost of ownership for the distributed technology.
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