Tuesday, May 10, 2011

B Mobile Route Accounting

Route Accounting

bMobile provides field force automation to such industries as food and beverage distribution, bakery goods distribution, automotive products and specialty item distribution, trade show sales and a variety of field service and delivery organizations. bMobile also offers a full line of mobile computer hardware with first quality handheld computers, wireless scanners, mobile printers and mobile accessories - all at budget prices. After the purchase, bMobile offers comprehensive technical support services to streamline software installation, employee training, system launch and continuing support. Using the latest web-based technology, telephone support and on-site service, bMobile will work with you through system launch and beyond. Route Accounting


bMobile™ specializes in integrating sales force automation technology with industry leading accounting software, inventory control applications and customer relationship management solutions. bMobile's line of products includes the Pocket PC Software bMobileSALES™, bMobileROUTEMANAGER™, and bMobileINVENTORY™ along with bMobileCONTROLLER™ and the web based solution, bMobileNET™.Route Accounting

Powered by the Windows Mobile operating system for the Pocket PC, bMobileSALES is designed for any size business seeking an extended computing solution for their mobile sales force, route sales or direct store delivery (DSD). bMobileSALES is a scalable Pocket PC software application that can function as a stand alone mobile computing tool or interface with your network applications allowing for a complete route accounting solution. bMobile can reside on any number of popular Pocket PCs, tablet PCs, laptops and notepad PCs, as well as specialized data collectors and other mobile computing devices. The sales force automation is completed with the addition of portable printers and barcode scanners. bMobileSALES empowers the mobile salesperson with updated information critical for new business acquisition and existing client servicing. Key functionality of bMobileSALES Route Accounting includes:

• Perform Customer History Look-up
• Update Customer Account Information
• Create New Accounts
• Record Inventory Transactions (Barcode Scanner Optional)
• Process Payments
• Collect and Digitally Store Signatures
• Generate and Print Invoices with optional Portable Printer

These tasks are accomplished within the Windows Pocket PC software environment providing easy to read screens and familiar user navigation. The highly functional yet simple layout allows a new user to quickly learn the application. This straight forward, intuitively designed software will minimize training time and reduce errors, saving time, money and customers. Route Accounting

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